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July 30, 2014

Maya Kaimal Simmer Sauces

by Anne Paddock

The aroma of fresh curry leaves cracking in hot oil with mustard seeds and dried chilies led Maya Kaimal, a graduate of Pomona College to become an award-winning cookbook author and a leading authority on Indian cuisine. Taking her passion one step further, Maya decided to take those recipes and cook her homemade sauces using wholesome and all natural ingredients and traditional techniques like caramelizing onions and toasting spices to build deep layered flavors in the sauces that most of us only know from restaurants. Bottling up those sauces and selling them through grocery stores and on-line retailers was the next logical step to bring Indian cuisine into our own kitchens..

Maya Kaimal makes six refrigerated and six shelf stable sauces, all of which make a delicious meal within reach of even the most novice cook. The six refrigerated sauces come in 15-ounce containers and make four servings. The flavor of each sauce is unique with all six refrigerator sauces gluten-free and vegetarian (and three are vegan and non-GMO project verified). Two simmer sauces are mild (Tikka Masala and Classic Korma), three are medium spicy (Coconut Curry, Spinach Saag, and Tamarind Curry) and one is spicy (Vindaloo). For those unfamiliar with the bold flavors of Indian cuisine, choose a spice level and then explore the flavors.Maya Kaimal-52814-7

The shelf stable sauces come in 12.5 ounce jars that also provide four servings. With three curry, two masala, and one goan sauce to choose from, an array of possibilities exist. Three of the simmer sauces are mild (Tikka Masala, Kashmiri Curry, and Butter Masala), two are medium heat (Jalfrezi Curry and Goan Coconut) and one is spicy (Madras Curry). Again, choose the desired heat level and then explore the flavors of India.1000642_10152273129914070_334521745_n

To use the simmer sauces, simply add cooked vegetables, tofu, meat, poultry, or seafood to the sauce, simmer and serve over rice or pasta. Consider simmering the sauce alone and placing it a bowl on the table next to bowls of rice and a dozen toppings (vegetables, chopped mango, diced tomatoes, peanuts, cashews, raisins, toasted coconut, chopped scallions, tofu, meat, poultry, seafood) allowing for everyone to make their own personalized dish.

Maya Kaimal Simmer Sauces sell for $5 – $6 per jar or container and are available at grocery stores nationwide. Use the locator service on the company website to find a store: The shelf stable sauces can also be purchased on-line through the company’s on-line store: or

To read more about Maya Kaimal and the full range of products, go to the company website:

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