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July 12, 2014

What’s In That Sugar or Waffle Cone/Cup?

by Anne Paddock

Nearly 100 years ago, a Lebanese immigrant named Albert George purchased second-hand cone baking machines and founded the George and Thomas Cone Company. Today, that company is now named the Joy Ice Cream Cone Company and is the largest ice cream cone producer in the world, manufacturing more than 1.5 billion cones a year for retail consumers and food service companies. Based in Hermitage, Pennsylvania, the company is still owned and operated by the George family along with the employees.

Joy Cake Cup ConesThe company’s stated philosophy is to make ice cream cones better than any other company does. So why does the company use artificial flavors and colors and modified palm oil to make its cake, sugar, and waffle cones and cups?  Although the company claims to use a “time-tested family recipe that has been passed down from one generation to the next,” many people would be surprised if one of the founding fathers of the ice cream cone industry in this country included artificial flavors, colors and modified palm oil in his recipes. Or, maybe he did and the world is changing because most people today don’t want to feed their kids, family, or guests ice cream cones made with artificial flavors, colors or modified palm oil.577604_345045722231079_713569993_nThe only way companies change is if people stop buying their products or if enough people contact the company to ask for a change. Years ago, consumers contacted the Joy Ice Cream Cone Company and requested a gluten-free ice cream cone.  The company responded by making a cake cup cone without any gluten or artificial flavoring or coloring, and a sugar cone without gluten and artificial flavors but with caramel coloring, a controversial additive. Both gluten-free cones have modified palm oil listed as an ingredient on the package.598422_345066605562324_2057604048_n

To read the nutritional facts about each of the company’s cones, go to Joy Ice Cream Cone Company’s website: Click on the product and then click on “Nutritional Facts.” As a consumer, you have choices: you can make your own ice cream cones (which is very easy but not everyone wants to buy a $40 waffle sugar cone maker), serve ice cream in a bowl, boycott the company and not buy its products, and/or contact the company and ask them to stop putting artificial flavoring, coloring, caramel color, and modified palm oil in the cones we feed our families. To contact the Joy Ice Cream Cone Company, click here: Or, call the company at the Hermitage, Pennsylvania headquarters: 724-962-5747295087_345066838895634_74165131_n

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