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July 20, 2014

How To Showcase A Cake

by Anne Paddock

Seattle may be well-known for corporate giants (Microsoft, Amazon), Pike Place Market, innovative food companies (Theo Chocolate, CB’s Peanut Butter) but the Pacific northwest city is also home to Rosanna, a top home design company known for making beautiful tableware: plates and platters, bowls, teapots, mugs, flatware and especially cake pedestals to showcase that fabulous chocolate, coconut, or red velvet cake. Made of porcelain or stoneware in white, pink, blue and black, Rosanna Cake Pedestals are exquisite and make an elegant presentation on any table. 

1653615_10151969382023511_107603659_nThe cake is always the star at a celebration but its the pedestal that elevates and showcases the cake. The old saying “put on a pedestal” means to value something greatly, to place the object on display, which is exactly what Rosanna Cake Pedestals do for a cake: the cake pedestals lift the cake off the table to be marveled at and admired.

15075_10151660601998511_983062515_nRosanna Cake Pedestals take many of their designs from elements of days past to make modern finely crafted cake stands: the iconic cut glass cake plates of the 1920’s inspire the modern design of the Le Gateau Pedestals while traditional Victorian features can be seen in the Décor Bon Bon Footed Cake Pedestals. Les Desserts are inspired by vintage American Miki glass while the White Pedestals are simple yet stylish in their better-than-basic design. The Rococo Noir Pedestals are reminiscent of the Art Deco age where black provides a striking contrast on the tabletop especially when displaying a light-colored cake (vanilla, carrot, or coconut).

819225_10151282678148511_1711847207_oThe cake pedestals come in two shapes (round and square) a variety of sizes with surface areas that range from 4.25 inches up to 11.5 inches. There are scalloped edges, skirted pedestals, and large petal style pedestals to meet a variety of tastes and functions. Prices range from $18 – $120 each. Each Rosanna Cake Pedestal is secured in a specially designed styrofoam casing within a beautiful box that looks alike a hat box from days past, which is a perfect way to store the cake pedestal when not in use.

704918_10151467329388511_1007531033_oThe company also makes mini cake stands in strawberry creme, mint green, buttercream, and meringue white that are ideal for cupcakes, mini-cakes, tarts, and cookies, that are priced at $14. In addition, glass domes to fit all the cake pedestals are also available from $14 – $66 each. To view the complete product line or purchase the cake pedestals, go to the company website ( To find a store that carries the Rosanna products, use the company store locator:

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