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July 24, 2014

Granola Lab Granola

by Anne Paddock

Granola Lab is a very special and exceptional oat-based granola made in Brooklyn, New York (which seems to have more innovative food companies per capita than anywhere else). All natural and preservative-free, Granola Lab Granola is bold, super flavorful and full of healthy oats, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and spices guaranteed to wake up your taste buds with every bite. Dairy-free, wheat-free, GMO-free and certified delicious, Granola Lab makes five varieties of not-too-sweet and savory granola, all of which can be enjoyed for breakfast, an afternoon pick-me-up, sprinkled on yogurt or ice cream, or as a perfect snack any time of day.

granola-lab_1There are five varieties of Granola Lab Granola:

Cranberry Cashew:  Granola Lab’s first recipe and best seller, Cranberry Cashew is full of sulfite-free dried cranberries, organic cashews, organic pumpkin seeds, almonds, coconut flakes, and more. Spiced with cloves and cinnamon, the Cranberry Cashew Granola is a classic granola with bold flavors and textures.il_570xN.399249607_9aql

Elemental:  The Elemental Formula is extra popular with the under 10 set (just don’t tell them there are only 4 grams of sugar per serving), but adults have been known to devour bowlfuls.  Made with extra virgin olive oil, organic maple syrup, honey, and lots of nutritious nuts (organic pecans, almonds ) and seeds (flax, organic sesame, organic sunflower), this granola also has orange zest for an added flavor boost.il_570xN.399251133_gf0a

Activation Energy: A robust granola made with organic hazelnuts, ground coffee, dark chocolate, and more, Activation Energy Granola packs a delicious punch of goodness in every bite.il_570xN.399222233_2yt0

Get Gingersnapping: If a granola was born of gingersnaps, Get Gingersnapping Granola would be the bomb. Organic blackstrap molasses, organic sultana raisins, ginger, allspice, and more make for a savory but subtly sweet granola that is enjoyed all year-long.ginger

Mediterranean Mix: Whoever would have thought a granola could be a veritable feast of Middle East flavors? Hats off to Granola Lab for combining sesame seeds, almonds, pistachios, apricots, extra virgin olive oil, tahini, and cardamom to come up with one of the most delicious (and special) granolas on the market.il_570xN.470937441_dfdr

Granola Lab Granola is primarily available in supermarkets, gourmet, and health food stores in New York (see the company website to locate a store)  but can also be purchased on-line at the company website: Each 14-ounce bag is $9 plus shipping (hint: save on shipping and purchase several bags).

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