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Just Cookie Dough

Just Cookie Dough is better for you and the world – so go ahead and grab a spoon.

Sticking a spoon into a bowl of cookie dough and eating it raw is more than a right of passage from childhood to adulthood. In fact, most of us never outgrow our passion for cookie dough. We claim we’re making cookies for our kids and we eat the dough when no one is looking. We mix cookie dough in ice cream and of course, we scoop spoonfuls onto cookie sheets to make cookies. But, sometimes we don’t have time to make cookie dough from scratch (and we don’t want a commercial cookie dough made with artificial colors, flavors, or even dairy products). So what’s a cookie dough addict to do? Buy a jar of Just Cookie Dough by Hampton Creek at your local Super Target. Read more »


Introducing the ZBLT

You can be a vegan and have your bacon, too!

The Zucchini Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato (ZBLT) Sandwich – crispy zucchini bacon, crunchy green lettuce leaves, and vine-ripened tomato slices piled high on whole grain toasted bread slathered with mashed avocado or Just Mayo – a plant-based mayo by Hampton Creek¬†– is the vegetarian and vegan’s answer to the classic BLT. Read more »


Twelve Superstars

Today is Election Day. Many of us will flock to the polls and cast our votes for the candidates we want to represent us. ¬†Although the really big election day is a year away, the essence of leadership is heavy on many people’s minds with all the presidential debates. As we make our choices today and in the future, let us not forget about the people who are making a difference by making this world a better, healthier, and more compassionate place. Read more »


The Millennials are Leading the Way….

A few years ago – well, 17 to be exact, Tom Brokaw published The Greatest Generation¬†– a book which described the people born in the early part of the 20th century who grew up during the Depression of the 1930’s and went on to fight in World War II because it was “the right thing to do.” From his perspective, this generation was the greatest ever produced because they were raised in deprivation and yet, selflessly contributed to a war effort to stop aggression and genocide. No doubt their perseverance was a testament to their extraordinary character. Read more »