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Where Does $100 to the American Heart Association (AHA) Go (2019)?

The American Heart Association (AHA) is one of the most popular and recognized non-profits in the United States with enormous public support but 2018-2019 was not a great year for the organization.  Total revenue reported was down 12% to $746 million (compared to $852 million the prior year).   That the AHA has nearly a billion dollars in their net fund balance is also noteworthy.

By most accounts, this organization is a magnet for public contributions and an expert at raising and saving money.  But, are they accomplishing their mission, which is to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular disease and stroke (especially with hundreds of recipes on their website calling for eggs, dairy products, beef, poultry, pork – including bacon, a Type 1 carcinogen according to the World Health Organization, oil, sugar and white flour)? With heart disease the number one cause of death in the United States for decades, one has to wonder if all the contributions to the AHA are really helping to prevent and reverse heart disease? Read more »