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Shiloh Farms Organic Grain Flakes

Look no further than Lancaster, Pennsylvania where organic, non-GMO whole grain flakes are packaged for Shiloh Farms.

Spelt, barley, and kamut flakes look remarkably similar to rolled oats but have subtle nutty flavor differences which can liven up and energize a variety of breakfast and snack foods. Delicious alone or combined with each other and oats, whole grain flakes make a nutritious and delicious hot cereal or mid-morning pick-me-up. Simply cook according to the package directions (5-20 minutes) or add as is to a homemade muesli recipe (click here for a fantastic not too sweet muesli recipe).   Read more »


Spelt: The Golden Grain

I’m partial to spelt…

One of my favorite grains is spelt, a member of the wheat family that has a chewy texture and a nutty flavor. In its whole grain form, spelt is referred to as a berry although it looks like a long golden seed or grain.. Similar to rice in texture – but more flavorful – spelt can be used instead of rice in recipes for pilaf, salads, and puddings. Spelt berries can also be boiled and added to cooked steel-cut oats to make a delicious breakfast bowl. Add some cinnamon, chopped bananas and strawberries for a morning feast. Read more »