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Executive Compensation at the National Restaurant Association (2018)

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) had a windfall of about $170 million in 2018 when they sold the “National Restaurant Association Show” to a unrelated private company Winsight, LLC – an information services company focused on the food and beverage industry. Consideration received included a promissory note (about $150 million) and an equity investment in Winsight, LLC. A sponsorship agreement provides annual royalty payments equal to 2% of the gross revenues of the show for 45 years, beginning in 2019.

The NRA is the largest food trade organization in the world. Governed by a Board of Directors comprised of 90 leaders (although the Form 990 indicates there are 71 independent board members with 74 listed (60 males and 14 females) because of timing differences) in the industry, the National Restaurant Association is a professional trade association, a tax-exempt non-profit organization based in Washington, DC. Read more »