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Ciudad Real, Spain: Weekend Getaway

Ciudad Real is located approximately 115 miles south of Madrid and is accessible in less than an hour from Madrid’s Atocha train station via the high-speed train Alta Velocidad Espanola (AVE). A small city of about 75,000 people, Ciudad Real is located in the autonomous community of Castile-La Mancha which conjures up thoughts of windmills and Don Quixote.  This is the area made famous by Miguel de Cervantes more than 400 years ago in his classic Spanish literature. Read more »


“Lords Of Finance”

In 2010, “The Lords of Finance” by Liaquat Ahamed, a professional investment manager was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for History. A non-fiction account of “the bankers that broke the world,” this 505 page book takes a complicated topic – macro and microeconomics – and makes it easily understandable. Read more »


For The Love Of Caramel

My first introduction to caramel was in the form of those perfect little commercially produced squares wrapped in plastic. It was love at first sight and I realized that almost everything (apples, ice cream, popcorn, chocolate, cookies) tastes better with caramel.  Even the Girl Scouts discovered the marvels of caramel when they started selling Samosas and there are a hundred variations of the “turtle” with chocolate, nuts, and caramel blended together. But, the real epiphany was when I tasted homemade caramel: creamy, buttery caramel that melts in your mouth and leaves a lingering sweet taste. Read more »


You Know You’re In The USA When…

Forty years of my life were spent primarily in the United States and so the culture of this great nation is at my core even though there seems to be more cultural diversity in the US than any other country in the world. Read more »