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April 24, 2012

Twinkle Pops

by Anne Paddock

A Twinkle Pop is a beautiful small lollipop that comes in a variety of colors and shapes. The pop is distinguishable from other lollipops by an extra long hollow plastic stick that not only makes the pop easy to hold but fun to sway back and forth, as well. Holding a Twinkle Pop feels like you’re holding a long-stem tulip only better because it’s edible.

Each lollipop is about a third of an ounce (9 grams) and comes in colors of the rainbow:  yellow, orange, red, purple, pink, green and blue although there are also two-tone pops that have two colors. These confections come in a wide variety of shapes: tulips, daisies, sunflowers, roses, stars, hearts, sports balls, butterflies, ribbons, teddy bears, angels, aquatic and animal mixes, and more.  The lollipops are very inexpensive – from 30  to 50 cents each, depending on the quantity purchased and where the pops are purchased. Individually wrapped in a clear plastic cover to show off the eye appeal of each Twinkle Pop, these novelty candy pops taste as good as they look.

Ideal for birthday parties, Twinkle Pops can be made into bouquets and used as centerpieces or given as party favors. The bouquets can be purchased directly from the company in two sizes:  classic (9 lollipops for $5), as pictured at right or mini (4 lollipops for $2.50) or you can make your own bouquets.  The pops can be purchased directly from the company through the website: 12 pieces for $12 or 60 pieces for $22.50. Twinkle Pops are also available through Amazon for approximately $39 for 120 pieces (shipping included if you have Amazon Prime).

Manufactured in Korea, Twinkle Pops are sold by Twinkle Candy, a registered trademark brand name for Leo Arretin, Inc. who “turns ordinary candy to gourmet, hip, and trendy.” The company is based out of Walnut, California and has been producing their novelty pops since 1998.

Twinkle Pops
20258 Carrey Road
Walnut, CA  91789

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