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June 17, 2013

Weck Jars

by Anne Paddock

Weck glass jars have become an obsession in our home where we use them for drinks (juices, smoothies, iced teas) and foods (parfait, pudding, granola, salad, gazpacho) because they display content so beautifully. What can be more eye-catching than the lovely hue of fresh squeezed juice with floating slices of lemon….. or layers of colorful berries between yogurt or ice cream and crunchy bits of granola….or a wide mouth glass jar filled with sliced sweet red and yellow grape tomatoes, chopped avocados, diced cucumber, sweet champagne mangos and cilantro?

185456_205654599490962_385778_nThe jars are also ideal for those “create your own” suppers like taco night or what my husband calls Rijsttafel (we pronounce this Indonesian dish “rice toffel”)  night where we have rice, a curried dish and an assortment of toppings that includes chopped pineapple, peanuts, bananas, scallions, chutney, sliced almonds, chopped tomatoes, pickles, apples, and more. And, for “sundae” night, we fill the small jars with hot fudge, dulce de leche, real chocolate sprinkles, toasted pecans, walnuts, and almonds, chopped strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, bananas and cherries so that everyone can make his or her own special dessert. Adults become grown-up kids when faced with these choices!

321230_219739088082513_382879700_nThere are nearly two dozen different styles and sizes of Weck jars which is what makes them so useful. Made of high quality thick glass, the Weck jars all share the same basic design with each jar consisting of five pieces: the glass jar, the lid, the rubber ring, and two clamps. Old fashioned – yes, but a stunningly beautiful way to display your favorite food dishes. Forget the plastic wrap or aluminum foil; instead use the glass lid with the rubber ring and clamps to store the filled jars in the refrigerator.

Made by the J Weck Company, a subsidiary of Glashaus, a German corporation, the original Weck was a canning jar that was very popular nearly a hundred years ago when people would can seasonal fruits and vegetables. With the advances in technology and the availability of fresh fruit and vegetables all year-long, people aren’t preserving as much these days but they are still turning to Weck for glass jars because these jars have a multitude of uses:

700_weck-mini-mold-jarCylindrical Jars: There are four cylindrical jars that come range from  1/2 liter (approximately a pint) to 1.5 liters (approximately a quart and a half) which makes them perfect to hold pastas, cereals, rice, and snacks. Each jar is $2.50-$7.00.

Mold Jars: Weck offers eight mold jars capable of holding 2.7 fluid ounces to 28.7 fluid ounces. These jars are so versatile and can be used for desserts, salads, cereals, puddings, taco toppings, ice cream sundae toppings, and more. Each jar is $1.50 – $3.50.

Tulip Jars: Three tulip jars hold from 19.6 ounces to 91.3 ounces and can be used for whole trifles or as vases to display fresh or dried flowers. They also look beautiful filled with shells. Each jar is $3 – $3.50.

Jelly Jar: Serve your jams in these beautiful jars that hold 7.4 fluid ounces. Each jar is approximately $2.

Deco Jars: There are three deco jars that hold 7.4 fluid ounces to 35.9 ounces of candies, threads, or whatever needs storing. Each jar is $2.50 – $5.

Juice Bar Bottles: These juice bottles are perfect to display a selection of juices with three sizes that hold 9.8 fluid ounces (great for an individual juice pourer at each place setting) to 35.9 fluid ounces (perfect to serve juice to a table of guests). Each juice bottle is $3-$4.

original-1To purchase Weck glass jars on-line, go to the company website , Crate and Barrel,  Williams-Sonoma or West Elm.

Weck Jars

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