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July 14, 2018

The Verry Cherry Plum

by Anne Paddock

If you like cherries and plums, then you’re in for a very special treat this month. The Verry Cherry Plum – a new fruit that looks like a very small plum or a very big cherry (or even a mini Macintosh apple from afar) with the crunchy texture of a sweet succulent cherry and the flavor of a juicy plum – has arrived.  What could be better?

The Verry Cherry Plum hit grocery stores this past week and will only be around for a few short weeks so make sure you pickup a bag of these summer fruits before they’re all gone (until next summer!). You absolutely won’t regret purchasing these flavorful sweet juicy fruits!

Sold in easy-to-tote produce packets, Verry Cherry Plums sell for about $3.99 a pound (there are about 16 Verry Cherry Plums per pound).  The best way to enjoy a Verry Cherry Plum is to eat them fresh but you can also use them in recipes for jams, tarts, and cakes, as you would cherries or plums.  A hybrid cross that took a big commitment and a lot of patience to grow, the Verry Cherry Plum started out as a proprietary plum crossed with cherry pollen of a proprietary cherry. Then, the growers crossed the plum with three cherry varieties – Bing, Stella (you gotta love anything with the name Stella involved), and the Royal Lee – and one incredible, very amazing non-GMO fruit emerged.Hopelessly addicting, the Verry Cherry Plum has a reddish-green exterior with a small stem and is juicy. Don’t be afraid to eat the fruit’s the best way.  The problem is knowing when to stop!

Available at grocery stores nationwide for the next few weeks. Look for that little tote bag full of nature’s goodness!


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