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Executive Compensation at Mercyhealth (Wisconsin)

Mercyhealth is a regional healthcare system with 7 hospitals and 85 primary and specialty care locations in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Headquartered in Janesville, Wisconsin, Mercyhealth consists of many non-profit, tax-exempt organizations (9) and also owns several organizations that are taxed as corporations including Mercycare Insurance Company, Rockford Health Insurance (which is domiciled in Bermuda), and Mercycare HMO (which consolidated with Mercycare Insurance Company).

The entire Mercyhealth system (the largest employer in the area) has more than 8,000 employees compensated through the various non-profits and corporations. This post will list the most highly compensated employees as reported by Mercy Health System Corporation (MHSC) on the Form 990 (2016 for the year ending June 30, 2017) submitted to the IRS. ┬áTo find the most highly compensated employees at a specific hospital or related organization, see the corresponding Form 990. Read more »