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Executive Compensation at the National Chicken Council

Americans love their chicken. In the US, chicken consumption is nearly 100 pounds per capita which is why we raise and slaughter more than 9 billion birds a year.  That’s a lot of chicken.

Although many people consider chicken a “healthy meat,” because chicken has less cholesterol than steaks and burgers, chicken actually has about 20-25 mg of cholesterol per ounce of white meat and about 35-40 mg of cholesterol per ounce of dark meat. Given that most chicken servings are 5-6 ounces per serving, people eating a portion of chicken can expect to add 100 – 240 mg of cholesterol per serving (note:  Our bodies produce all the cholesterol we need. Food from plants – fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, etc. don’t have cholesterol). Read more »