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Thank you for reading the Paddock Post (which used to be called It’s As Simple As That)- an informational website devoted to a variety of topics: food, innovative productsbooks, culture, education, travel, and more.  The name change was made because readers found “It’s As Simple As That” too long and too hard to remember. Since my last name is Paddock and the site is all about posting a story every other day, Paddock Post may be easier to remember.

The products I write about have been purchased – not given to me – and I don’t receive anything from vendors or publishers whose products I endorse. There are many small businesses making excellent products and so I pass along this information.

Food is fabulous and since it’s such a big part of all our lives, the making, eating, and enjoyment of sustenance is of endless interest to me – especially when the making part isn’t complicated. With a family of diverse preferences – a husband known as carnivore man, a vegan daughter, and vegetarian me – there is always something interesting going on in the kitchen.

Books of all types – fiction, non-fiction, young adult, and children’s – are a passion of mine. There are so many talented writers who have written exceptional books and because there are few things I enjoy more than a great book and having the time to read, I can’t help but write about books.

Traveling is an adventure and after spending nearly a decade living in Europe, many people ask me what to see and do,and so I pass along the information I learned – primarily what to see, where to eat, and what to do with kids.

15857_10151239143621848_179476073_nAnd, finally there are a variety of other topics I find infinitely entertaining: running, sports, current events, movies, education, health, and especially, my family, friends, and pets. They provide me with both serious and humorous topics to write about although I do try to protect their privacy by not writing too much about them.

On the personal side, my name is Anne Paddock and I grew up in Missouri and New Jersey. After graduating from college, I worked for 5 years, realized I didn’t know too much so I took the GMAT, quit work and went back to school, earning my MBA from Duke University. I went into banking and stayed in that field for 12 years. During that time, I also married a great guy – carnivore man – (who never ceases to make me laugh) and had a daughter – vegan daughter – who is the best gift he ever gave me. I spent most of the past decade in Europe with my family – primarily in Spain and Switzerland although we traveled at every opportunity – and recently returned to live permanently in the US.

It’s As Simple As That.

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  1. Jan 11 2013

    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile, love it! : )

  2. Jan 11 2013


  3. Amy S. Howell
    Jan 22 2013

    Dear Anne, I have had your 2011 Christmas letter on my desk to respond to your blog for a whole year – finally I went into your blog – it is wonderful. What a talented gal you are – you are truly blessed. Loved reading your bio. I have not read your “thesis” on each subject but will do so. What I have read is most intesting. So enjoyed this year’s card, news, and great pic of all the family. Will be in touch again. All the best, Amy Howell (banking days seem eons ago!

  4. Jan 22 2013

    Thanks Amy…so happy you enjoy it.

  5. Nov 30 2013

    Hi Anne, A blast from your past..Lisa Olsson, now Ravicz. Formerly MBA world traveler, now mom of 2, husband of 1 and part time teacher of high school drop outs. Life sure is less ambitious and more enjoyable. A friend of mine found your blog, referred it to me and I replied “I know her!” If your travels bring you north I am still living in Cambridge. If your travels bring you waaaaay south, we lived in Chile 3 years ago and have travel hints. Happy Thanksgiving!

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