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September 9, 2012


Enstrom’s Almond Toffee

by Anne Paddock

Almonds, butter, sugar, chocolate, and salt are the five ingredients of Enstrom’s Almond Toffee – a traditional candy that is still made by hand using only the finest ingredients available. Few candies taste as delicious as a piece of almond toffee from this Colorado-based confectionary.  Crunchy and buttery on the inside, enrobed in milk or dark chocolate and sprinkled with crushed almonds on the outside, Enstrom’s Almond Toffee is positively addicting.

Enstrom Candies was established more than 50 years ago in 1960 by Chet Enstrom and his wife, Vernie after Chet came up with a recipe for almond toffee that became quite the hit in the Denver area. Chet and Vernie’s son, Emil and his wife, Mary took over the company in 1965 and in 1979, Emil and Mary’s daughter, Jamee and her husband, Doug joined the company. Today, the company is still family-0wned with Jamee and her husband,Doug  and their two sons, Doug, Jr. and Jim actively involved and managing the company operations.

Dark%20Almond%20ToffeeYears and years ago, my husband’s Aunt Mary sent us our first box of Enstrom’s Almond Toffee during the holidays. Every year we looked forward to that box and eventually we started ordering the almond toffee during the year because we couldn’t wait until the holidays.  We would sit around the table after dinner with the open box breaking pieces of the almond toffee apart and eventually fighting over who gets to eat the crushed toffee pieces on the bottom of the box.

Enstrom’s Almond Toffee comes in milk or dark chocolate in a 1-pound box for $19.95. There is also 2-pound box for $37.95, a 3-pound box for $53.95 and a 5-pound box for $79.95. The company makes Almond Toffee Petites which are one inch squares of almond toffee enrobed in milk or dark chocolate and sprinkled with crushed almonds. A 1-pound box is $19.95 and larger boxes (2 pounds for $37.95 and 4 pounds for $66.95) are also available.

148638_10151146844457167_1674237464_nAlmond Toffee bars in a 1.25 ounce size are an equally delicious way to enjoy this confection and can be purchased for $49.95 for 18 bars in either milk or dark chocolate. If individually wrapped almond toffee bars are preferred, 18 Almond Toffee Singles (at .75 ounces each) area available in milk or dark chocolate for $16.95. And finally, if you’re a fan of Almond Toffee Crumbs – and who isn’t – the crumbs can be purchased for $6.25 for 1 pound.

To purchase the almond toffee on-line, go to the company website listed below. And, if you’re ever in Colorado, there are five store locations (whose addresses are listed on the website):  Denver, Arvada, Fruita, and two in Grand Junction.

A final tip:  Store the almond toffee in the refrigerator and enjoy chilled.

Enstrom Candies
701 Colorado Avenue
Grand Junction, Colorado 81501
1-800-ENSTROM (1-800-367-8766)

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  1. Lamar Briggs
    Sep 9 2012

    Love this post…made me feel better just reading about the toffee….I had forgotten about it as we don t get to CO any more where we used to buy it!!! NB

    Sent from my iPad

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