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April 20, 2013

Kopali Organic Chocolates

by Anne Paddock

Kopali Organic Chocolates are 100% organic with no refined sugars or animal products. Gluten-free, vegan, and fair trade certified, Kopali Organic Chocolates are pure, energy-packed, and nutrient-dense with an intense deep dark chocolate flavor in every bite-sized piece. Winner of the Socially Responsible Business Award, Kopali Organics supports sustainable farming in making five products that are “so much more than super delicious.”

Dark Chocolate Covered Cacao Nibs:  Crunchy bits of 100% cocoa covered in dark chocolate which is really chocolate covered chocolate. Made with dark chocolate and organic roasted cocoa nibs (raw unprocessed chocolate bean).

Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans:  Crunchy roasted whole espresso beans covered in dark chocolate made with dark chocolate and roasted espresso coffee beans…better than a cup of coffee.

Dark Chocolate Covered Goji Berries:  Chewy antioxidant rich goji berries covered in dark chocolate made with dark chocolate and goji berries.

Dark Chocolate Covered Mulberries:  Sweet mulberries (that have a faint caramel anise flavor) covered in dark chocolate made with dark chocolate and mulberries.

Dark Chocolate Covered Banana:  Soft, chewy banana pieces covered in dark chocolate..that’s it.

DSC_0179Kopali Organic Chocolates are packaged in 2 ounce bags and can be purchased at fine grocery and health food stores for $3-$4 per bag. The chocolates can also be purchased on-line through Lucky Vitamin for $3.49 per bag (1-2 bags), $3.39 per bag (3-5 bags), $3.19 per bag (6-11 bags) or $2.89 per bag (12 or more bags) with free shipping on all orders over $100.  Amazon also sells Kopali Organic Chocolates for $3.50 per bag, shipping included for Prime members; and Abe’s Market sells 3 bags for $11.99 with free shipping for all orders over $49.

Kopali Organics
8101 Biscayne Boulevard, #609
Miami, Florida  33138
NY:  212-333-4355

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