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February 14, 2014

José Andrés Potato Chips

by Anne Paddock

If you asked me when I was 28 and in my wedding dress if I ever thought I would end up in my 40’s flipping my husband the bird over potato chips, I’d say you were crazy.                                                             Jenna McCarthy

Potato chips make people do crazy things and I am no less guilty especially if the potato chips are José Andrés Potato Chips – Spanish potatoes that are thinly sliced and then slow-fried, allowing the goodness and healthy qualities of the extra virgin olive oil to meld with the chips. The chips are then sprinkled lightly with Himalayan Pink Salt and packaged in an innovative bag designed to deliver the chip to you perfectly, as if just cooked.

Made by San Nicasio in a small town outside of Cordoba in the South of Spain, José Andrés Potato Chips are thin, crisp and golden in color with a taste like no other chip. It’s nearly impossible to have just one and my family would attest that it’s nearly impossible not to eat the whole 6.7 ounce bag. They are that good. They would also tell you that I hide them in the back of cabinets, hoping no one will find them.554896_285813898225551_113522293_n

José Andrés Potato Chips are sold in 6.7 ounce ($6) and 1.4 ounce bags ($3) and can be purchased directly from the company website: Shipping is very prompt and the chips arrive in perfect condition.tfp_sannicasio_large_original_2

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