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May 1, 2014



by Anne Paddock

In the vast landscape of fast foods, Freshii has emerged as one of the newest and fastest growing chains offering fresh, affordable, and great tasting food quickly.  A restaurant known for its farm fresh ingredients and eco-friendly practices (i.e. real bowls when eating in), Freshii aims to provide nutritious meal choices to energize busy people. Take out or eat in at a table in the bright airy space decorated with a “Table of Food Elements” on the wall prominently displaying all the ingredients Freshii has to offer.

Freshii15thStEnter the restaurant and choose among salads, bowls, wraps, burritos, yogurts, soups, juices, and breakfast items from the menu or customize a meal by creating a bowl or salad. Simply grab a clip board and a pencil at the front door and complete the easy to read checklist by choosing a base (brown rice, quinoa, noodles, Romaine, or mixed greens) and the toppings, which includes more than 50 choices of fruits, vegetables, meat, chicken, fish, tofu, dried fruits, nuts, seeds, and beans. Then, choose a dressing or sauce and within minutes, a customized meal is ready.

1530538_10152099155999398_788911366_nFreshii was started and is based on out Toronto, Canada although the company now has nearly 90 restaurants in 8 countries, with the largest concentration in the United States (44) and Canada (28). Within the United States, Freshii is heavily concentrated in Chicago with 15 locations, followed by Portland, Oregon, Indianapolis, Washington, DC, San Francisco, Baltimore, Boston, Charleston, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Dallas, Detroit and Atlanta (for a complete location list, see the company website:

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  1. lamarbriggs
    May 1 2014

    when will they come to FLA? hope soon…NB

  2. May 1 2014

    Hopefully sometime this year…they are expanding!

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