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May 15, 2014

OCHO Organic Candy Bars

by Anne Paddock

Step aside Mounds, Reese’s, Snickers, Milky Way and Three Musketeers..there’s a new bar in town.

Most candy bars fall into two categories: inexpensive chocolate bars made with all sorts of undesirable additives or expensive gourmet bars made with fresh high quality ingredients. With both ends of the chocolate bar market well covered, Oakland, California-based OCHO Candy realized there was an opportunity to provide consumers with a delicious, organic alternative to the traditional candy bars made with preservatives, additives, and artificial flavoring, and the pricy specialty bar.

Committed to the firm belief that candy bars should be fun and delicious, the master chocolatiers at OCHO Candy created a variety of luscious candy bars made with all organic ingredients including dark chocolate, milk chocolate, peanut butter, peanuts, sugar, vanilla, tapioca, coffee, egg whites, milk butter, and salt, and sell those bars for less than $2 each at grocery stores nationwide.1508029_788538857829158_788466306_n

An OCHO Organic Candy Bar is slightly smaller than the standard sized 1.5-1.9 ounce commercial candy bar but at 1.4 ounces, the OCHO (which stands for Organic CHOcolate) bar is the perfect size bar to enjoy anytime. Choose from among five varieties:

OCHO Coconut Bar: A creamy, moist coconut center covered in dark chocolate. Certified vegan and scrumptious.1526845_808487932500917_1960475377_n

OCHO Peanut Butter Bar: With organic peanut butter as the primary ingredient, this yummy bar has rich, creamy yet crunchy peanut butter filling covered in milk chocolate.1379602_837221509627559_529014993_n

OCHO Caramel and Peanut Bar: A three layer bar: rich, peanut butter nougat, smooth and creamy caramel, and crunchy peanuts, covered in milk chocolate makes for a melt-in-your-mouth experience.10001508_853017834714593_2407586116552855593_n

OCHO Mocha Bar: An espresso flavored nougat infused with coffee and covered in milk chocolate, the OCHO Mocha Bar is better than an afternoon frappuccino.1545556_812719685411075_436531753_n

OCHO Dark Coffee Bar: A rich espresso nougat infused with strong dark coffee and covered in dark chocolate, this bar is made for those who want a robust dark chocolate treat.1517638_799673796715664_504147925_n

OCHO Organic Candy Bars can be purchased at grocery stores and Whole Foods nationwide. To find a store, use the company store locator: Normally priced at $1.99 per bar, the bars are priced at $1.50 each at most Whole Foods this week. Or, order on-line directly from the company where single bars can be purchased for $1.99 each, a case of 18 bars for $31.49 ($1.79 each), or a variety pack (10 bars, 2 of each flavor) for $15.99 ($1.59 per bar), at

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