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June 6, 2014


Dr. Kracker Crispbreads

by Anne Paddock

There is something deeply satisfying about eating Dr. Kracker Crispbreads  – large rectangular shaped crackers loaded with whole grains and seeds that possess flavor, texture, and a nutritional punch in every bite.

The rich, toasty flavor of organically grown whole grains and seeds makes these European inspired crispbreads delicious to eat right out of the box or as vehicle for bolder foods – guacamole, cheese, nut butters, dips, and spreads. Deliciously crunchy, Dr. Kracker Crispbreads are a great alternative to ordinary crackers or bread.

941372_557384127646756_92444116_nDr. Kracker’s Crispbreads are made by blending whole grains and seeds into a yeast-raised dough before baking the rectangular pieces to a crunchy perfection. Full of fiber, plant-based protein, and nutrients, the crispbreads have low or no sugar but lots of flavor and of course, the crisp that makes a great crispbread. 1272133_614765401908628_618583704_o

Dr. Kracker, a Texas-based company offers five varieties of crispbreads to choose from:CrispbreadfamilyShot

Seedlander: A hearty whole grain spelt cracker filled with pumpkin, sesame, poppy, and flax seeds. Top-seeded in my book.

100% Whole Wheat: A whole grain wheat cracker slightly sweetened with organic brown sugar and honey that only adds 1 gram of sugar per serving makes these crackers anything but plain.

Seeded Spelt:  A spelt-based cracker blended with three seeds: sunflower, sesame, and flax – make for a delicious wholesome cracker. Try spreading your favorite nut butter on top for a terrific snack.

Klassic 3 Seed: Oats and three seeds – sunflower, sesame, and flax – are added to a whole wheat dough to make these hearty crackers. Delicious with a homemade smashed avocado spread or bean dip.

Pumpkin Seed Cheddar: The dressiest of the bunch, these crispbreads are made with a whole wheat dough to which organic cheddar cheese and seeds – pumpkin, flax, sunflower, and sesame  – are added. Simply delicious by themselves. Fill a bread basket with these crispbreads and watch them disappear.

892759_539116822806820_859555923_oDr. Kracker Crispbreads are distributed nationwide and are available at fine grocery stores, a list of which is on the website: Or, purchase on-line through,, or Each 7 ounce box sells for $3.79 and contains 8 rectangular based crackers. To read more about Dr. Kracker Crispbreads, go to the company website:  411616_481433265241843_636583335_o


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