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“The Easter Parade”

I say,….Straight ahead. No Looking back; no looking sideways – ….Straight ahead.

When our nation celebrated it’s bicentennial nearly 40 years ago in 1976, the country was in the midst of a major shift in gender rights. Although the feminist movement began to gain momentum in the 1970’s and the United Nations had just declared the decade 1976 – 1985 as the UN Decade for Women, the reality was that women were still unable to break through the glass ceiling in certain fields and only earned 62% of what men earned making them either dependent upon men or limited economically. Read more »


The KeepCup

How do you measure the impact of not doing something?

Most parents, if asked, would say that one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century is the Sippy Cup – a spill-proof cup designed for toddlers. When my daughter was a little, she loved her Sippy Cup because she could drink from any number of angles and never spill a drop. I loved it for the same reasons – especially in the car, on a plane, or when she was sitting on a piece of upholstered furniture. She continued to use her Sippy Cup for years after toddlerhood and her reluctance to give it up never bothered me. In fact, I used to tell anyone who would listen, that the Sippy Cup is truly one of the best inventions ever and that Sippy Cups for adults would be the next great invention. Read more »