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March 14, 2016

DeLallo Roasted Red Pepper Bruschetta

by Anne Paddock

Bruschetta (pronounced “bru sketta”) is an Italian appetizer made with toasted or grilled bread brushed with bit of olive oil, salt (and often garlic) and then topped with chopped tomatoes mixed with onions and basil or chopped roasted red peppers mixed with herbs and spices, or beans and more. Technically, bruschetta is both the bread and topping but in the USA, bruschetta is often referred to as the topping.

Although the tomato topping is easy to make, especially in the summer when tomatoes are at their most flavorful, the red pepper topping is a bit more difficult because the peppers need to be roasted which can be time-consuming. Jarred roasted red peppers can be purchased or easier option is to purchase an already made bruschetta.

DeLallo makes a delicious Roasted Pepper Bruschetta made with roasted sweet red peppers blended with olive oil, vinegar, salts, spices garlic, onion and citric acid. Enjoy on slices of roasted or grilled baguette pieces or the crackers of your choice. The sweet, mellow flavor of the roasted peppers is also tasty in paninis, sandwiches, or as a topping on homemade focaccia.

The George DeLallo Company (DeLallo) was founded nearly 70 years ago when George DeLallo began selling Italian grocery items door to door and then established a store in Jeanette, Pennsylvania. Decades later and the store is still open but the demand for DeLallo products has grown such that the products are nationally distributed through grocery stores and gourmet markets.

Each 10 ounce jar sells for about $7 and can be purchased through the company’s website (  or at where 6 jars sell for $27.86 (with free shipping on all orders over $50).

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