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April 4, 2017

Beet Chips

by Anne Paddock

Delight in the natural sweetness of beets.

Beets are not just for borscht or summer salads. With the highest natural sugar count of any vegetable, beets are often boiled, pickled, or roasted to use in soups or salads until recently when some very smart and creative people realized this nutrient rich vegetable can also be made into a crunchy, delicious snack food.

At Rhythm Superfoods, beets are gently dehydrated and then roasted raw or with a touch of sunflower oil to make a crunchy, delicious chip that naturally contains a lot of fiber, potassium, and other nutrients.

Organic, gluten-free, and vegan Rhythm Superfoods Beet Chips come in three flavors: Naked (which is just beets), Sea Salt, and Cinnamon & Coconut Sugar.

Each 1 ounce serving has 100-130 calories, 3 grams of protein, 5 grams of dietary fiber, 12-13 grams of sugar, 0-4 grams of fat, and 80-200 mg of sodium. It is very important to note that the sugar content of the Naked Beet Chips is 13 grams which is all natural sugar and the sugar in the Cinnamon & Coconut Sugar Beet Chips is the same because the sweetness again comes from the natural sugar in the beets and coconut (coconut sugar is low glycemic (about 35) meaning it doesn’t affect your blood sugar as much as refined sugar (about 60)).

Most potato chips have about 150 calories, 1-2 grams of protein, 1-2 grams of fiber, less sugar (note that potatoes don’t have a high natural sugar content like beets),  9 grams of fat, and about 150-200 grams of sodium. So, clearly a beet chip is the better choice nutritionally. But what about taste and texture? The chips are super crunchy and delicious with the earthy flavor of a red beet. If you’re a fan of beets, you will love all three flavors but if you’re on the fence about beets, try the Sea Salt or Cinnamon & Coconut Sugar flavors.

Sold at grocery and health food stores nationwide, Rhythm Superfoods Beet Chips cost about $3.99 per 1.4 ounce bag. To find a retailer, click here. The chips can also be purchased on-line at and

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