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April 9, 2018


Executive Compensation at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

by Anne Paddock

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) based in Rye Brook, New York with 1,302 employees who received total compensation of $97.8 million, which equates to an average of $75,000 per individual. However, the IRS Form 990 reports that 164 individuals received more than $100,000 in compensation in the year ending June 30, 2017.

The most highly compensated individuals (12) were compensated $4.1 million (an average of $342,000 each):

  • $623,559:  Louis J Degennaro, President and CEO
  • $451,090:  Mark Roithmayr, EVP, Chief Rel Officer – terminated 12/31/16
  • $415,910:  Rosemarie A Loffredo, EVP and CFO
  • $383,874:  Andrew S Coccari, EVP, Chief Prod Officer
  • $344,374:  Lee M Greenberger, SVP, Chief Science Officer
  • $339,547:  Paulette Damiano, VP, Organizational Development and Change – terminated 6/30/16
  • $320,961:  Alice O’Rourke, EVP, Chief Development Officer
  • $295,708:  Gordon Miller, Jr, SVP, Finance
  • $266,361:  Coker Powell, SVP, LTN Campaign
  • $261,097:  Deborah Matz, SVP, Legal and ERM
  • $258,685:  Michele Przypyszny, Executive Director – terminated 7/21/16
  • $111,126:  George J Omiros, EVP, Chief Camp and Field – terminated 4/15

Of the 10 most highly compensated individuals, 6 were men and 4 were women (men appear first, second, fourth, fifth, eighth, and ninth while women were third, sixth, seventh, and tenth).

Severance payments were made to the following individuals:

  • $220,328:  Paulette Damiano
  • $125,350:  Michele Przypszny
  • $111,126:  George J Omiros

To read the IRS Form 990 (2016), click here.

  1. Jerry Mooney
    May 21 2020

    Was going to donate money, but decided to see salaries people were making. When I saw them I thought they are asking me to give when they make hundreds of thousands of dollars than I make. A disgraceful use of donations. No more till they lower the salaries being paid.

  2. Matt Frank
    Mar 3 2020

    Yeah, actually went to donate money to them but wanted to research this. Couldn’t believe the salaries and won’t until these aren’t absurd.

  3. James bosack
    Sep 16 2019

    Shame on all you people getting rich on sick people..NY mafia?

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