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August 20, 2018

Who is Jeremy Dixon?

by Anne Paddock

You may not have heard of Jeremy Dixon but you will. Dixon, a native New Zealander is the founder of Revive Cafe – restaurants serving delicious, fresh whole grain plant-based food in Auckland, the man behind Cook:30 – the 30 minute television series (  in which he makes a complete meal using fresh, wholesome plant-based ingredients, and the author of eight cookbooks (The Revive Cookbooks 1-6, and the Cook:30 Cookbooks 1 and 2). The guy is busy (it’s gotta be all that plant-based fuel)!Until recently, Dixon was focused on New Zealand but fortunately for those of us across the world, Dixon has expanded his reach to the United States. Having recently set up an office in Hinsdale, Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago, Dixon is intent on teaching Americans to prepare and enjoy healthy plant-based food that tastes really good.Dixon is also the guy behind Frooze Balls:   delicious, whole-food snacks made with fruit, nuts, and plant-based ingredients.Order the variety pack on-line (6 packs for $14.99) with $5 shipping at

Keep on eye on this innovator…his energy and reach are boundless.

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