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May 21, 2022


Executive Compensation at No Kid Hungry

by Anne Paddock

No Kid Hungry is actually a national campaign started in 2010 by Share Our Strength (SOS), a tax-exempt, non-profit 501 (c) 3 whose focus is on ending childhood hunger in the United States although they do limited international work.  Based in Washington, DC, SOS does this by raising funds and awarding grants (20% of revenue in 2020; 12% in 2019) and advocating for this disadvantaged group.

SOS has 17 voting members (directors) of the governing body; 11 (65%) of whom are male; 6 (35%) of whom are female.

Key information from the Form 990 (2019 for the year ending June 30, 2020) include:

  • In 2020, total revenue was $160 million, which was a significant increase from the the $75 million raised in 2019 and the $66 million in 2018, due to increased contributions, gifts, and grants.  This appears to be due to significant fundraising efforts by the organization.
  • Expenses totaled $86 million (54% of revenue), allocating the remaining revenue – $74 million – to general assets (savings) which increased net assets from $41 million at the beginning of the year to $115 million at year-end.
  • 54% of revenue was spent; 46% of revenue was not spent and added to the general fund (savings)
  • 21% of revenue was given in grants to other organizations who feed hungry children. These organizations have to deduct their costs (i.e. staff, office, etc) from these grants
  • 33% of revenue was used for organization compensation, fees (primarily fundraisers), office, travel, conferences, advertising, and promotion

As illustrated above, about one-half of your donation was used to pay organization expenses and provide grants to organizations feeding hungry kids while the other half was put into savings.

The largest expenses were grants ($33 million) and compensation ($28 million). 334 employees received $28 million in compensation which equates to an average compensation of $82,000.  54 employees received more than $100,000 in compensation.  The 18 most highly compensated employees were reported to be:

  • $489,966:  William H Shore, Founder, Executive Chairman, Director
  • $487,040:  Thomas Nelson, President and CEO, Secretary
  • $358,427:  Peter Kaye, Former Chief, Revenue and Marketing (until 5/2019)
  • $314,035:  Charles Scofield, EVP
  • $269,971:  Diana Hovey, SVP, Corporate Partnerships
  • $265,573:  Lisa Davis, SVP, No Kid Hungry Program
  • $264,597:  Debbie Shore, Co-Founder
  • $255,941:  Serena Williams, SVP, Chief People Officer
  • $249,492:  Jill Davis, SVP, Chief Revenue Officer
  • $237,983:  Jessica Sherry, SVP, CFO
  • $237,545:  Richard Kostro, SVP, CIO
  • $230,280:  Amy Zganjar, SVP, Development
  • $207,217:  Clay Dunn, SVP, Chief Comm. Officer (until 9/2019)
  • $198,293:  Diane Clifford, Managing Director, Constituent Dev and Ops
  • $195,589:  Eliott Gaskins, Managing Director, Development
  • $181,961:  Julie Chen, General Counsel
  • $172,747:  Andrea Hoefling, Director, Development (national market)
  • $169,174:  Stacy Roth, Managing Director, Organizational Planning

As illustrated above, the 18 most highly compensated employees received nearly $5 million in compensation. Important to note is that the co-founder, William Shore received nearly $500,000 in compensation as did the President and CEO (having two top salaried executives is unusual but not unheard of) making the top management a $1 million position. In addition, it is important to note there are two founders:  William Shore and Debbie Shore who both work 40 hours per week.  However, William Shore received nearly $500,000 in compensation while Debbie Shore received nearly $265,000.  Collectively, the Shores received nearly $800,000 in compensation in 2020.

11 of the 18 (61%) most highly compensated employees are female while 7 (including the top 4) of the 18 (39%) are male.  Interestingly, the Board is comprised of 17 voting members, 16 of whom are independent; 6 of the 17 (35%) are female while 11 of the 17 (65%) are male.

The organization paid for a housing allowance or a residence for personal use. Specifically, William Shore received a housing allowance of $3,000 per month.

The organization also paid for companion travel but no detail was provided.

Thomas Nelson received a contribution of $58,431 to his 457 (F) retirement plan.

Peter Kaye received a severance payment of $144,461.

52 independent contractors received more than $100,000 in compensation.  The 5 most highly compensated independent contractors were reported to be:

  • $1,496,578:  Concord Litho Group, of Concord, NH for direct mail and digital on-line fundraising
  • $  870,283:  Ascenta Group (formerly Appco Group), of NY, NY for face-to-face fundraising
  • $  806,170:  Cornucopia Inc DBA Bond Events, of Bethesday, MD for event services
  • $  729,854:  RTI International, of Raleigh, NC for external program evaluation
  • $  620,000:  Showtime on the Piers, of NY, NY for NYC Wine and Food Festival

To read the IRS Form 990 (2019 for the year ending June 30, 2020), click here.

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  1. Mary Faydash
    Mar 20 2023

    86 million dollars in expenses is outrageous. I would not contribute to this group

  2. Lorenza
    Mar 10 2023

    After reading how they are feeding their mouths more than the kids, I stopped contribution. If I had known ahead of time I wouldn’t have given a dime.

  3. Nadine Barth
    Mar 10 2023

    I did not sign up to donate to NoKidHungry, yet monthly they submit a $25 donation to my Citi Visa account. Since December, Citi has let this recur over and over. Citi’s only resolution is for me to close my Visa account with them. I refuse to do this again. This method causes consumers like me a mountain of work. THIS IS NOT MY FIRST RODEO.
    Something’s wrong when a nonprofit offers NO way for donors to cancel or alter donations.

  4. Feb 28 2023

    As a retired school teacher, I look for charities that help children. This is NOT one to support. Just a thought, local charities often deliver the goods more efficiently than the big national “non”-profits. Some one ought to tell their celebrity host what’s really happening with the money. Which makes one wonder…….how much is he being paid??

  5. kimberly Willis-Starbuck
    Feb 27 2023

    I have been planning for some time to donate to No Kids Hungry. I know throughout the U.S. too many children go to bed hungry and don’t have access to food at school. I am also concerned that 52 independent contractors for the organization get paid more than $100,000.
    I want to donate money to feed hungry children, not fill the pockets of those with stuffed pockets. Shame on you.

  6. Debi noah
    Feb 2 2023

    I have no words to explain my disgust!!To me they are using these children for their gain. I give to organizations to feed the hungry,but how many more children could eat if the CEOs would take less. We do! Most Americans do not receive 6 figure income. Why should they and ask us for more money to benefit who????

  7. Jan 25 2023

    Are you serious all these VIPs get all this money
    Feed our children get get rid of all these VIPs and schools won’t have to carry all the debt

  8. Jan 12 2023

    These salaries are obscene! I tried to talk to a live person at this organization to discuss this but there does not seem to be any of these high paid executives have time to call would be donors to explain their salaries. Truly a sad sad situatuion

  9. Donna Feazell
    Jan 1 2023

    Before I give to ANY charity, I check the salaries of the CEO and the other employees.
    I understand that these leaders should be compensated.
    However, this is extreme. I don’t know how these people can spend one dime of their salary and think of children who are hungry and feel good about it.
    I give to local charities, more of the money is given to the actual cause.

  10. Sherry Blackman
    Dec 13 2022

    Through the federal school lunch program, qualifying kids are already fed breakfast ,lunch and sometimes snack in public schools. I am a teacher and I was livid after I heard the commercial say “if it weren’t for these programs we might not get lunch at all”. Total BS. School lunch programs feed kids while at the same time help the farm economy. Win win.

  11. T Bellamy
    Dec 11 2022

    I just donated after receiving an email from the organisation but rest assured I would not have if I had realized that the two leaders received nearly one million dollars in compensation! Most legitimate charity leaders do so on a volunteer basis! This is just ridiculous! How do such people live with themselves living lascivious lifestyles while the people who they advocate for continue to go hungry! Charities are there to help other not to make the founders rich! While its not illegal, this page should be place close to their web page to force these people to change their ways! It is really unfair to those who are truly in need!\

  12. Lindsey
    Dec 9 2022

    I had considered contributing; however, executive compensation salaries are excessive. I will search for other entities who direct most aid to those in need.

  13. M
    Dec 2 2022

    Only in America can charities do the opposite of the Chicago mob who skimmed less than one percent of the Reno and Vegas earnings…this charity takes the entire amount and gives the skimmings’ to the poor

  14. bruce
    Nov 22 2022

    only in america do CEO’s of charitable donation company make 1/2 million first before the poor can eat.

  15. Robert
    Sep 26 2022

    I am all the time looking for a legit place to donate to feed kids in school, because it disgusts me to know and hear about kids getting rejected in the lunch line for lack of funds. Problem is, every “Charity” I find has executives making more in 1 year than I do in 6 years. Charities are nothing more than a place to funnel money to executives.

  16. Deborah
    Jul 23 2022

    While the top ten employees at No Kid Hungry are making such high salaries (Compensation), all I have to say is you should all be ashamed. How many people have to donate before a single child gets fed? We all know your greedy salary get paid before the first child gets fed, and if you all can live with that, God have mercy on your soul!!!

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