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The Ultimate Weapon: The Water Bottle

I’m tired. Bone-weary, dizzy, worn out. More exhausted than when I had a newborn, or when I flew back from Hong Kong with my infant daughter and swore to my husband that I must have a brain tumor because I was so off-balance that each step gave me vertigo. Handing him the baby because I didn’t trust my coordination was all I could do before I hit the pillow and fell into a deep sleep. Of course, I didn’t have a brain tumor; I felt fine the next day. But my current condition is different. I am chronically sleep deprived. Read more »


How Luke Found Me

There are two things in this world that I have deep compassion for: children and animals. Both are vulnerable to the neglect and abuses the world hands out to them and require a lot of love and understanding. Three years ago, my daughter went to a summer camp outside Binghamton, New York but when I received a phone call from the nurse at the camp saying my daughter had the swine flu and was quite ill, I went to her. Upon learning she was being given cough medicine to help her sleep and suppress a cough (not a good medication to give an asthmatic) and that she was vomiting in her sleep without waking up, I packed up her things and decided to take her home to recuperate. Read more »