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Posts tagged ‘Cold War’


“In The Garden of Beasts”

Berlin has always captivated me because it was the first European city where I could see and feel the remnants from World War II and the Cold War.  The capital city isn’t known for its climate, especially in the winter when the weather can be harsh, the sky grey, and the days short but the weather is all but forgotten when walking through the streets because Berlin is really a dichotomy thanks to a series of events: World War II and the 28-year existence of the Berlin Wall which was torn down to the cheers of crowds in 1989. Read more »


A Day in Normandy, France

In 1977 I went on a high school trip to France, Belgium and Holland – a whirlwind trip over 10 days that included a visit to the west coast of France although and I was unable to see Normandy because I was sick and left at the hotel to convalesce that day.  I always regretted not being able to go so when my husband and I decided to explore the west side of France, Normandy was on our schedule. Read more »