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Hartford, Connecticut With Kids

Navigating and figuring out how to entertain kids in a city is always a challenge.  Harford, Connecticut has five great places to take kids:

  • The Connecticut Science Center
  • Mark Twain House and Museum
  • The Wadsworth Atheneum Museum
  • Bushnell Performing Arts Center
  • XL Center Read more »

Random Acts of Rudeness and Kindness

Connecticut was slammed this week with a record-breaking early snowfall that resulted in trees bringing down power lines across the state, especially in the central and northern parts of the state. The story began last Saturday at noon when snow started to fall  – big beautiful fluffy white flakes.  Eight inches were predicted – but by 3:00 am on Sunday morning, more than 17 inches had fallen at Bradley – the nearby airport serving the Hartford/Springfield area. Read more »

The Honey Crisp Apple

When I was growing up, our neighborhood was adjacent to an apple orchard and the local kids would sneak into the fields when the pickers weren’t in sight, climb a tree and pick an apple off the branches to eat as an afternoon snack. The apples were not always beautiful but they were delicious and because they were so readily available, we took them for granted. Decades passed and the orchard was sold to real estate developers. Farms were consolidated and apples were mass-produced, imported and became readily available in grocery stores. Apples became more beautiful and shinier but they didn’t taste like those orchard apples. Read more »

Fleeing Hartford, Connecticut

Last year the Wall Street Journal ran an article about dying cities in the United States and Hartford, Connecticut was one of the cities included on the list.  Once known as the “insurance capital of the world,” Hartford had fallen victim to flight:  loss of industries and the vital population that keeps a city thriving. Read more »