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Chunky Cranberry Chutney

Tis the season when we start to think about making homemade cranberry sauce. While most recipes call for a cup or more of sugar, the following recipe uses fresh ground dates as a sweetener. Dates may seem like an unusual sweetener but this naturally very sweet fruit is often referred to as “nature’s candy” which makes it the perfect ingredient to sweeten a cranberry sauce, relish, or chutney. Read more »


Cranberry Chutney

Every Fall when the fresh cranberries are harvested, picked, bagged, and eventually distributed to the grocery stores, I start thinking about making cranberry chutney.Not quite Thanksgiving but with a chill in the air, it’s hard to beat a baked chicken served with roasted potatoes and carrots, sautéed green beans with toasted almonds, and cranberry chutney on an Autumn night. Read more »