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Where Does Revenue to Dairy Management Inc (DMI) Go?

Dairy Management Inc (DMI) is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501 (c) (6) whose purpose is to promote dairy products in order to increase consumption of dairy products. ¬†Funded by a mandate by Congress, DMI is what is referred to as a “check off program” where all producers have to contribute funds for the good of the industry. Dairy farmers are required to contribute 15 cents per 100 pounds (foreign dairy farmers are required to contribute 7.5 cents per 100 pounds) which equates to about 1.5 cents per gallon of milk.

In 2017, DMI reported total revenue of $155 million, most of which came from program and core funding revenue. Expenses were $155 million and were categorized as follows: Read more »


Tell Me What Mother Doesn’t Grieve For Her Child?

Earlier this month a story was circulating about an orca whale who gave birth to a calf only to have it die about 30 minutes later. The mother whale carried the baby calf on her nose for weeks while she swam miles and miles along the Pacific Ocean off the northwest coast of Canada in what most animal behaviorists say was a form of grieving. That the calf was the first one born since 2015 (the whales have been tracked because of their dwindling population) makes the loss more heartbreaking for environmentalists who are trying to save the mammals from extinction by repopulating the seas, which have been depleted, with salmon. Read more »


Why Every Individual Counts

On this very special day celebrating our nation’s birthday, I want to write about why every individual counts. ¬†There are nearly 320 million of us in this country – that’s a lot of people – enough to have made me think from time to time that what I do or don’t do really doesn’t matter. After all, I’m just one person – does it really matter if I eat a piece of grilled chicken, a slice of bacon, an ice cream cone or not think about the food chain in this country? Yes, it does and here’s why. Read more »