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Executive Compensation at the National Pharmaceutical Council

Pharmaceutical companies have gotten a lot of bad press lately, and for good reason. When epipens cost $650-$700 in the US for a pack with two auto injectors (compared to $150 in Canada or $38 in Australia), people get upset. Or, when pharmaceutical companies (i.e Perdue) have acted irresponsibility by promoting and marketing opioids, people question the motives of companies they are supposed to trust and the value of medicines as an integral part of healthcare. One of the ways the pharmaceutical industry operates is to fund a trade association called the National Pharmaceutical Council (NPC).

NPC is a Washington, DC-based trade association whose mission is to put forth science and good information to foster an environment that supports what they call “medical innovation” or what others would call “drug innovation” (where were they during the decades long opioid crisis?). In short, they gather research to support the use of pharmaceuticals and disseminate that information. Read more »