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Executive Compensation at FMI

In the food industry, there is “The Food Industry Association” whose name was legally change to “Food Marketplace Inc” (FMI) – a non-profit, tax-exempt organization based in Arlington, Virginia whose mission, as a trade association, is to “represent, educate and improve the food industry.” ¬†Formerly called the Supermarket Institute (and the Food Industry Association, FMI represents an estimated 1,500 members who have 40,000 retail food stores, 25,000 pharmacies and an indeterminate number of suppliers and business partners within the food retail industry.

In a country flush with trade associations that raise hundreds of millions of dollars, FMI is small: ¬†they raise about $30 million annually ($26-$32 million annually over the most recent 7 year period) that comes primarily from two sources (membership dues and registration fees/exhibit fees, and sponsorships) and spend slightly less (primarily on compensation for the 91 employees, travel and conferences, fees for outside services, and office expenses). Read more »