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Where Does $100 to Boys Town Go?

Boys Town generally refers to a tax-exempt, non-profit organization whose focus is on the care of children and families who need assistance.  However, the organization actually consists of many tax-exempt, non-profit organizations in Nebraska, Iowa, Florida, Louisiana, Nevada, Washington, DC, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, all of whom have one member:  Father Flanagans Boys Home (FFBH) and are therefore controlled by FFBH.

Based in Boys Town, Nebraska, FFBH provides medical services at two hospitals and numerous types of outpatient clinics in the Omaha, Nebraska metropolitan area and oversight at the affiliated organizations throughout the country.  FFBH is governed by 17 voting members, 16 of whom are independent.  Information on the website indicates there are 16 trustees, 10 of whom (73%) are male while 6 (27%) are female. Read more »