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Where Does $100 to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Go?

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) is one of the largest, if not the largest philanthropy focused solely on health. The foundation’s goal, through the use of grants, is “to improve the health and healthcare of all Americans.”

Given that people in the US (compared to other high income countries) have shorter lives, more heart disease, obesity, diabetes, lung disease, disabilities, HIV and AIDS, drug-related deaths, adolescent pregnancy, bad birth outcomes, and disabilities than nearly every single other country (as measured by the American Public Health Association) but spend more per capita (about $8,000 per person) than every other country in the world, is there any question the US needs to focus on health and reversing the current trends? But, the more potent question is this: ┬áIs the foundation making a difference – reversing the health trends in the US – with the more than $400 million in grants awarded annually and the $300 million the foundation spends annually to support, manage, and grow itself? Read more »