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Where Does Your Donation to Toys For Tots Go (2020)?

Toys for Tots is one of the most well known organizations whose mission is to work with the US Marine Corp to collect new unwrapped toys and distribute those toys to economically disadvantaged children at Christmas time.  A non-profit, tax-exempt 501 (c) 3, Toys for Tots is legally known as Marine Toys for Tots Foundation but nearly everyone refers to the organization as “Toys for Tots.”

There are 13 voting members of the governing party, 12 of whom are independent. 9 of the 13 (69%) directors are male while 4 (31%) are female.

So, if you made a donation in 2020, where did it go?  It depends. If you donated a toy, then more than likely, a child received that toy. If you made a cash donation, then the funds were probably used to pay for organization expenses (i.e. compensation, office-related expenses, fees for services, etc), purchase toys, or put into the general fund (savings). How do I know this? Because the Form 990 that Toys for Tots submitted to the IRS (2020) reports the following information: Read more »