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The Brutal Honesty of the Young

I love the brutal honesty of kids and teens. They don’t need to stand in front of the Bocca della Veritá to state the truth because the world hasn’t piled the rules of gracious manners on their doorstep yet. Have you ever noticed that kids always talk about everything that is going on in their house much to the parent’s dismay?

Spend a few hours with a child and you will learn that Dad said the “F word” last night, Mom cooked breakfast for dinner, Grandpa has a new girlfriend that Mom and Dad don’t like, and Sister had a meltdown because she forgot to lock the bathroom door and Brother walked in on her while she was on the toilet. One day my friend’s 4-year son walked out of the bathroom and announced to his family “I have a big butt and a little penis.” Forks dropped, laughter ensued and my friend pulled his son aside and said “son, you may not want to advertise that family attribute.” Read more »


Dying With Your Boots On

My friend, Clif died after he reached the summit of Cho Oyu, the world’s sixth highest mountain at 26,906 feet. On his way down the mountain, Clif was resting in a base camp at 23,000 feet when he told a fellow climber, “I am the happiest man in the world – I have just climbed a beautiful mountain.” He went to sleep and never woke up. Read more »