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10 Great Holiday Food Gifts for 2019

Holidays are all about enjoying food so there is no better time to give a palate pleaser than now.  Not everyone is a foodie but nearly everyone appreciates wholesome, delicious food like pure maple syrup, colossal roasted cashews, creamy, rich peanut butter cups or almond cups, award winning crispy potato chips made with extra virgin olive oil, dark chocolate mint meltaways, fresh fruit, and chewy, sweet dates. To wash all that down, consider Fever Tree drinks:  tonic, club soda, or ginger ale. Read more »


Foodie Gift Ideas

The holiday season is all about food and lots of it at the office, restaurants, and at home. So many of the rich foods associated with the holidays contain dairy (i.e. butter, milk, cream), eggs, or animal products but there are many specialty holiday foods without these ingredients that are fresh and taste as rich and delicious as traditional favorites.  Here are a few great gift ideas for the foodie in your life: Read more »