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Executive Compensation at March of Dimes (2020)

2020 was another tough year for the March of Dimes and yet, they continue to march on (no pun intended).  Just seven years ago, the March of Dimes had $75 million in net fund assets and was raising nearly $200 million annually but they were spending more than they raised. Since then, revenue has declined and the organization went into a negative net fund position because they were spending $8-$27 million more than they raised annually, had to fund a pension/post retirement fund for employees (which is still an $80 million liability in 2020), and had losses on investments. Things were not looking good by 2016 so the organization brought in a new president in 2017 following the retirement of the longtime president. Read more »


Where Does $100 to Oceana Go?

Oceana is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) ocean conservation organization that advocates for policy changes by governments and corporations in order to preserve ocean life.

Based in Washington, DC, Oceana has offices across the world and is considered the largest ocean conservation advocacy group in the world. They do this by conducting their own scientific research, making policy recommendations, lobbying for specific legislative action, and filing and litigating lawsuits. Hence, the organization is staff intensive with 167 employees (as of 2017) that work on responsible fishing, plastics in the ocean, seafood fraud, climate change, and energy (i.e. drilling, blasting, and wind farms). Read more »