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Organic Figgy Pops

When your snack is this real, freedom is yours.

Made in Nature¬†should win an award for the most original and fun snack name – Figgy Pops – but what they really deserve is an award for is for making one of the best organic unbaked energy balls on the market. Figgy Pops are bite-sized super snacks made with organic fruits, nuts, seeds, and spices. If nature made candy, then Figgy Pops would be growing from trees but instead we can thank Made in Nature for combining the best of Mother Nature’s most delicious gifts to make Figgy Pops. Read more »


Made in Nature Pineapple

Made in Nature Pineapples are grown on organic farms in the rich and fertile volcanic valley above the cloud forests in Costa Rica. Moist and chewy with the bold flavor of the tropics in which the pineapples are grown, Made in Nature Pineapple has one ingredient: organic dried pineapple pieces.

Naturally sweet with no added sweeteners, preservatives, or artificial colors, the dried unsulfured bite-sized golden pineapple morsels are simply delicious. One bite (which is hard to do because the pineapple is addicting) of this wholesome and nutritious fruit will convince you that Made in Nature makes the best dried pineapple on the market.

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