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Where Does $100 to NPR Go?

NPR (National Public Radio) – the radio station that people love to love – is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) organization that works with its member stations to foster a more informed public by providing a deeper understanding of events, ideas, and cultures.

Based out of Washington, DC, NPR is also noteworthy for its on air fundraising although most people would be surprised to learn that public support in the form of contributions, gifts, and grants is not the number one source of revenue. Instead, program service revenue (station programming fees, digital media sponsorships, membership dues from member stations, distribution, and digital services) is the primary source of revenue for NPR followed by contributions, gifts, and grants. Read more »


What A Woman Of A Certain Age Wonders About

Middle age comes upon us quickly. First, we’re teenagers on the cusp of adulthood and then we’re in our 20’s and can’t wait to be 30 so we have a bit of credibility. We slide into our 30’s full of confidence and life becomes so busy that we wonder how did we all of a sudden become 40?

50 is just a blink away which brings big changes: our kids are grown or almost grown and we’ve entered an age where many things don’t matter anymore (a friend of mine calls these years the “Fu#% you 50’s”) and some things matter more than ever (like comfort, patience, logic, and compassion). We also have time to think about issues more deeply, especially: Read more »


How NPR’s Science Friday Goofed

On NPR‘s Science Friday program (“your trusted source for news and entertaining stories about science”) yesterday, Ira Flatow, the show’s host, aired a segment entitled “The People’s March Against Climate Change.”  The two guests on the show were Bill McKibben (author of Eaarth, co-founder of and distinguished scholar at Middlebury College) and Peter deMenocal (an environmental scientist and professor at Columbia University) who both spoke about the importance of the People’s Climate March to be held this Sunday in New York City to bring a public voice to the climate change discussion. McKibben is one of the organizers of the march and deMenocal was on the show to explain why he, as a scientist has decided to participate in the march. Read more »