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Posts tagged ‘Oatcakes’


Nairn’s Oatcakes

An oatcake is a cracker made primarily from oats. A Scottish creation, the oatcake is to the Scots what a Ritz cracker is to Americans, a Rosca to the Spaniards, and what a TUC cracker is to the French: that is, a traditional cracker that is often used as a chariot for a topping with bold flavor. Read more »


Effie’s Oatcakes

Years ago, while traveling through England, I discovered oatcakes, a British treat that is a cross between a cookie and a cracker. ┬áNot as sweet as a typical American cookie (which the Brits call biscuits) and not as thin as a cracker, the oatcake is a crunchy thick wafer made primarily of flour, oats, butter, sugar, and salt. ┬áThe “cake” has a slight sweetness with a buttery taste that is delicious plain or with cheese. Read more »