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Mu Mu Muesli

Simply the best cereal on the market.

Muesli is a breakfast cereal made up of raw rolled oats, grains, dried fruits, nuts, and seeds that is typically enjoyed with your favorite type of milk or yogurt (note:  I find it especially delicious with unsweetened Milkadamia – a non-dairy nut milk).

Some people claim that muesli is just raw granola but that description doesn’t do the Swiss invention justice. While many of the ingredients are the same, muesli differs from granola in three ways: muesli is not baked, does not contain oil, and typically has no added sweeteners. Read more »


Seitenbacher Musli

Seitenbacher is a family owned manufacturer of natural foods based out of a small town in southwest Germany near Heidelberg. Established in 1980 by Willi Pfannenschwarz, the company name comes from a river near where Pfannenschwarz was born.  Musli (muesli in the US) is a very popular breakfast cereal in Europe and is just now gaining popularity in the United States. Often thought as a dry tasting powdery wheat and oat cereal, muesli is also made with dried fruits and nuts to add taste and texture to what is now becoming a preferred breakfast cereal in the US. Read more »