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Posts tagged ‘Pro Choice’


It’s July 6th: 309 Mass Shootings So Far

July 4th is the day we celebrate our country – the United States of America – whose states don’t seem united on many issues but especially on guns.  When the nation’s 309th mass shooting killed 7 people and injured dozens of bystanders at an Independence Day (the irony is not lost on anyone) parade in Highland Park, Illinois, I was in my home where I tend to be more these days because I am afraid to be in a place with crowds. Read more »


The War of Words on Facebook

I’d be willing to wager that no one has won an argument on Facebook. We have the Right to Lifers and Pro Choice defenders at each other’s throats with neither side giving an inch while the NRA and the citizens who support various types of gun control villainize each other. The animal rights activists are exposing the livestock industry for its cruel practices and trying to shame those who don’t care or think the industry’s practices are best ignored.  And, the political supporters of both the Republican and Democratic parties polarize and tear each other apart on Facebook. Too many people are spewing vitriol at one another in a ping-pong game of words in which no one ever wins. Read more »