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Executive Compensation at Piedmont Healthcare (2020)

Piedmont Healthcare is a tax-exempt, non -profit healthcare provider based in Atlanta, Georgia with 22 hospitals, 55 urgent care centers, 25 “QuickCare” centers, and more than 1875 clinic physician offices that employ more than 34,000 employees that serve communities that comprise 80% of Georgia’s population.

Made up of dozens of other organizations that include non-profits, taxable corporations, and taxable trusts, Piedmont Healthcare has one organization – Piedmont Healthcare, Inc. (PHI) – whose mission is to manage all the affiliated/related and subsidiary organizations in the system.

PHI has 21 voting members of its governing body, 15 of whom are independent. 18 of the 21 (86%) board members are male while 3 of the 21 (14%) are female. Read more »