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Dairy and Egg-Free Holiday Gifts

Holidays are all about enjoying food so there is no better time to give a palate pleaser than now. Not everyone is a foodie but most people appreciate holiday cookies, chocolate, nut butters, sweets, pure maple syrup, colossal roasted cashews, award winning crispy potato chips made with extra virgin olive oil, pastries, fresh fruit, and chewy, sweet dates.  All of the products are made by small business who make exceptional food.  And, best of all none of these products contain dairy or eggs!  Read more »


How to Make Date Rolls

Dates really are nature’s candy with a super sweet flavor and a soft, creamy texture that given the chance, will become a family favorite because whatever dates lack in looks, they more than make up in flavor. Enjoy is as or simply pit, blend, and roll in chopped nuts to make a delicious date roll.

During the holiday season, when dates are readily available, date rolls can be purchased in most grocery stores or on-line but the best date rolls are the ones made at home with moist, chewy dates and crunchy toasted chopped nuts. Using toasted nuts as opposed to raw nuts gives more flavor and texture to the date roll (and the nuts are crunchier because they have not been sitting ton the date roll absorbing moisture for weeks). Read more »


How ’bout a Date?

Several years ago while living in Switzerland, a friend gave my family a tray of dried fruits – figs, dates, and apricots – from the Middle-East where he often traveled. The jumbo sized dates formed my idea of what a date should be: sweet, moist, creamy and delicious. Unfortunately, the standard date available at grocery stores (and even Whole Foods) does not live up to the dates from lands far away, which led me to look for for a high quality date in the US. My search led me to a Indio, California which is about 23 miles southeast of Palm Springs, where Shields Date Garden is a major draw for locals and tourists alike. Read more »