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Ma’ale Adumim Is Not In Israel

We didn’t steal the land from anybody. It was built on empty hills. You can see there – the desert, rocks and sand. Now you have a living city.  ~ Benny Kashriel, Mayor of Ma’ale Adumim

Ma’ale Adumim is an Israeli settlement in the West Bank built on a parcel of land that was seized from Jordan in 1967. Established in 1975, Ma’ale Adumim was given official status as an Israeli settlement in 1977 by Israel’s Prime Minister at the time, Menachem Begin although the settlement has not been recognized by Jordan or the rest of the world because the settlement is built on land that doesn’t belong to Israel. Read more »


The Israeli Conflict in 700 Words

Every newspaper, magazine, and media outlet is spewing out articles about Israel these days – often with several related stories because there is simply so much information and an abundance of opinions, all of which can be overwhelming. The conflict between Israel and the rest of the world is daunting and polarizing which is all the more reason the public needs to be informed. With that in mind, the Israeli conflict is described below in 700 words: Read more »