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Posts tagged ‘Wild Garden Traditional Hummus’


Food Allergies? Try the Tasterie

For people with food allergies or parents struggling to find nutritious and tasty snacks for their kids with food sensitivities, allergies or special diets, consider the Tasterie, a ┬ácompany whose mission is to find delicious and healthy food and snacks for a wide variety of dietary needs. Read more »


Wild Garden Hummus Dip

This post should be dedicated to United Airlines who is responsible for me learning about Wild Garden Hummus Dip. On a recent flight, I ordered the “Tapas” snack box which had a variety of snacks but most importantly Wild Garden Hummus Dip. Before opening the single serve packet of hummus, I read the ingredient list and was impressed because the dip contains chick peas, sesame paste (tahini), water, sea salt, natural spices, and citric acid. And, then I tasted the hummus dip and found it delicious – no overwhelming garlic flavor (because there is no garlic) and not too salty – with a smooth creamy texture that was easily spread on chips or crackers. Read more »