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Executive Compensation at World Vision (2017)

World Vision, Inc (World Vision) – a Christian humanitarian organization – based out of Federal Washington – is one of the largest and most recognized non-profits in the country. In 2017, World Vision raised more than $1 billion (as they did in 2016) and awarded $762 million in grants, $706 million of which was to overseas organizations, governments, and individuals.  With a $205 million endowment, World Vision has the resources to make a difference.

In 2017, World Vision had 1,133 employees who were compensated $101 million, which equates to an average compensation of $89,000. 202 individuals received more than $100,000 in compensation. The 18 most highly compensated individuals were: Read more »


6 Ways to Make Your Donations Go Further

Tis the season for giving. We receive mail and on-line requests, buy tickets for charitable events, and get solicited at work, the grocery store, drug store, the mall, and a zillion other places. Many charities do really good work in our communities but many also have very high administrative and fundraising expenses along with high executive salaries which means our donations don’t go as far as we want them to go.  To make your charitable dollars go further, consider the following six recommendations: Read more »


World Vision International: Revenue and Expenses

World Vision International (WVI) is an evangelical christian humanitarian aid, development, and advocacy organization that works with children, families, communities, and organizations throughout the world. Established in 1977 by Walter Stanley Mooneyham, the then president of World Vision, Inc. (which was established in 1950 by Robert Pierce to meet the emergency needs of missionaries), WVI is a 501 (c) (3) religious non-profit corporation under the laws of California. Read more »


Where does your $1 to World Vision go?

World Vision – a Christian humanitarian organization – is one of the most complicated charitable entities to understand because many people believe that World Vision is one entity when in fact, there are many “World Vision” organizations under the legal umbrella of World Vision International (WVI) which was established in 1977 as a non-profit religious organization in California but whose executive offices are in England.

Because WVI is a “church,” they are not required to file the IRS Form 990 filed by most US-registered tax-exempt organizations although two of their subsidiaries – the US fundraising affiliate –World Vision, Inc. (WV Inc) which was established in 1950 – and the microfinance affiliate – VisionFund International – file a form 990 for the “benefit of its US donors.” Read more »